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Sree, thank you as always for your weekly recap. I have an idea I'd love to collaborate on for your YouTube show or this newsletter.

I've just launched the #VotercadeChallenge with a couple of friends, to encourage mail-in voting and in-person dropoff. It's like the ALS ice bucket challenge — but for voting (and without the ice). Voters upload a picture of video of them at a dropoff location and share it online, with the hashtag #VotercadeChallenge, and tag 5 friends. It's 100% grass roots, we've made it 100% nonpartisan so people will feel comfortable participating and sharing, and we are hoping for some serious traction this week.

Can you help us with a plug and possibly your participation? Details: VotercadeChallenge.com, Twitter: @VotercadeChallenge FB: https://www.facebook.com/VotercadeChallenge Insta: https://www.instagram.com/votercadechallenge/

I'm on Twitter at @ericanista if you want to DM me. Sree, thank you in advance for your kind consideration!

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