Sitemap - 2021 - Sree's Sunday Note

2021 ends how 2020 began

A postcard from Nobel Week in Oslo

Some podcasts are killing us

Happiness is an (occasionally) empty calendar

The Rittenhouse verdict is shameful

What's the deal with college in America?

Aaron Rodgers "did his own research"

When remote work isn't an option

Why I signed the Work Remotely Forever pledge

Netflix gets it dead wrong and the LGBTQ+ community suffers

When rejecting public health becomes a political identity

Congress isn't ready to regulate social media

Facebook is back in the crosshairs

The insurrectionists return

The day I hosted the Taliban in NYC

Hybrid work, office culture, and what needs to change

The Pegasus Project and the art of investigative journalism

What I learned from doing a call-in radio show during the pandemic

The last 18 months have been exhausting

Journalism, objectivity, and treating people like adults

Join me for Social Media Weekend (#SMWKND) this week!

This is not about the Facebook Oversight Board decision

Should people be able to talk about politics at work?

The limitations of "politics"

Cancel culture is not a serious issue

Medium, Substack, and our collective need for good editors

A terrible week (and year) for the Asian American community

The subscription news model is good business, but not for the public

In praise of the journalism holding Big Tech accountable

The tech giants need to pay the news industry

Our mental health pandemic is only getting worse

It has not been a good year for the "innovation economy"

The "Old Boys Club" style of media leadership needs to go

The privatized public square

Our evolving relationship with "Big Tech"

The digital consequences of a real world crisis