9/11 was 33 months in the future when SAJA hosted the Taliban's first major event with journalists.
The US has no social safety net to speak of...right when we need it the most.
When news organizations really dig in, we all benefit
Fighting misinformation and disinformation is full-time job
Let's hope we've learned a few things. I know I have.
We're talking about "neutrality" and "objectivity" in news this week
Can't tell your NFT from your RGB? The perfect online conference to learn all about the digital and social world.
You probably already know what you think about that anyways.
Of course the answer is yes, but companies are struggling with how to do it
Maybe it's time to re-think how we use the word "political"
Usually, it's just people actually facing consequences for terrible things.
Facts are good things, and we need more of them.