Sitemap - 2020 - Sree's Sunday Note

The media needs to prioritize diversity and representation in 2021

What happens if Facebook is broken up?

We're finally starting to talk about ethics in AI

How are masks still political?

We need to be careful about what "return to normal" means

A historic week that revealed a deeply divided America

There's a lot more on the ballot than the presidency

There is still time to change people's minds about the president

Our era of convenience set us up for disaster

The President is a one-man catastrophe — we can fix this

The rise of independent publishing

The year everything became political

The state of things

Facebook's "we'll do better" line simply won't cut it anymore

Our presidential campaign is putting news literacy to the test

Save the United States Postal Service

The humbling of America - five months and counting

We need to give people more money

What the federal government is doing in Portland is an abomination

The lessons of John Lewis

Covid19 is disrupting education in America in ways we never imagined

Why 40% of Americans continue to approve of President Trump

The US is in the middle of the first wave of Covid19

Taking stock of the last 100 days

This is about so much more than police violence

Educate yourself, be an ally, take to the streets

My beloved America is on fire

There's a very good chance Donald Trump wins in November

Media layoffs, both sides-ism, and credible news

We need to do more than "honor" our essential workers

We can re-open America, but we can't do it like this

It's possible to be a responsible news consumer

Brands, crisis, and our expectations

I've had it with the term "The Media"

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Sree's Sunday Note